Fateful Auction - 1. The beginning of new life (1/2)

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Ahojda! Tak jsem se rozhodla, že budu taky zveřejňovat jednu ze svých anglických povídek. :) Ano, je dost heterosexuální a dost sexuální. Nejdříve jsem ji chtěla překládát to češiny, jenže jakmile jsem si uvědomila, co bych musela překládat, zlekla jsem se. Posuďte sami :)
Protože si myslím, že mnohem více lidí ocení bromance, je zde pairing i EunHae. Plus, taky si myslím, že nebude tak populární jako ostatní příběhy, budu ji zveřejňovat jenom jednou za měsíc. V případě většího zájmu, se můžete těšit na častější přidávání :3
| Chaptered | Anglické/English | Fanfictions | Super Junior | Lee Junki | OC | hetero | 18+ | By Carol |

The auditorium is stuffed with people. So many people with masks, holding auction numbers and staring at the stage. An auctioneer is talking to a microphone with an excited tone in his voice and pointing to the stage with his big hand. One light is shining on the scene before everyone's eyes and in the spotlight, is her in a bird cage. Kneeling on the floor, with her eyes puffy from crying and smeared mascara under her eyes from all that crying.
"Ladies and gentlemen! And here is our last item! A young Korean woman! Isn't she beautiful? You can use her as whatever you want! A toy? A maid? Both? A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G! We're starting on price 20 000 000 Won! Who gives more?" the auctioneer shouts into the microphone.
The girl looks with wide and scared eyes to the auditorium. How did she even get here in the first place?! Oh yeah, she has trusted the man. The man, who told her, he will make her work to bring him back his money. The man, who gave her a loan and a ridiculous time to pay back. There's no way she would be able to pay back in such a period of time and so she is here. In the auction as an item to sell. She doesn't know what will happen to her now.. She doesn't have a home anymore and just in a few minutes, she will live with someone from here? How she misses her family right now... Why was she so foolish and ran away? Why? Her sight is getting blurry again because of tears that were threatening to fall since a while ago. One tear falls one her cheek which is followed by another ones. Her crying is unstoppable...


The loud music is enchoing her room and full house. A young teenage girl is lying on her bed with her school books. Of course, she is not studying but playing with her phone. What can a girl of age nineteen do, right? She is chatting with her friends and gossiping about anything possible.
"Kwon Harin!" a loud, high-piched voice can be heard from downstairs. Her mother. Harin looks at the door with uninterested expression and rolls her eyes. Still lying on the bed on her stomach, with her legs bended, waving them back and forth. She doesn't move an inch when her mother burts into her room, running to the radio and turning it off with furious look on her face.
"I have clients downstairs! Can't you a be at least a bit respectful?! What did we do to deserve such a behavior from you?!" the older woman, with curly hair, asks desperately. Why did her daughter turned out to be like this?
The girl, however, doesn't pay any attention to the woman stanting in front of her. Harin doesn't aknowledge her as her mother. Why should she behave like a proper daughter then? It's not so long since she found out about the big secret. The big secret about her adoption. How a girl like her could react to this kind of news?
She didn't want to believe it, thinking that's just a bad kind of joke but then again. Why would her parents keep that paper if it was just a joke? Not knowing what to do, she ran to her grandmother and begged her to tell her the truth. And she got that. The truth about her who she is. There is nothing about the girl's biological parents, though. It's like they have fully disappeared. Not a slight information what were they like or who were they...
Harin runs her hand through her long ginger dyed hair, not caring about the woman staring at her. It doesn't take long before her mother leaves with slamming the door right after her... Standing up from the bed, she goes to the radio and turns on the music again. Even more louder than before. This time it won't take long before the door is opened again, though. The big man standing in it, walking straight to Harin and slapping her cheek with his hand.
"What the hell you think you are doing?! Are you replying us like this when we raised you and loved you?!" he shouts at her, his face getting all red from the anger. What the hell is with this girl?!
Harin isn't crying, not now. Her pride doesn't let her. She looks straight into her father's eyes and smirks. This earns her another slap on the other cheek.
"Get out." this is the phrase, she heard always when she didn't behave well. She knows very well what that means. 'Go out and calm down.' This time around, however, she has something else in mind. She won't ever return to this house. Never.
Harin goes to her closet and takes out few shirts and two pairs of jeans. Then she goes to one of the drawers and takes out her underwear with socks. All this throwing into a bag. Lastly, she walks to her desk and looks at the money-box, reaching for it. The girl was saving up money for her college but guesses, she will need this money now. Grabbing the money-box, she throws into a bag as well and goes to the door.
"You will never see me here again." for the last time, Harin takes a look around her room of violet color. This little kingdom of hers, she will miss it for sure.
Running down the stairs, putting on the favourite pair of her shoes, she opens the door out. This is the beginning of her new life.
Two weeks later:
It's been a while since Harin left home. Does she regret it? No. No, she isn't. There is just this one thing... She is out of money. The girl has found a part-time job but the pay isn't going to be sooner than at the end of the month. Having no one than friends, she doesn't have a place to go. For the first week and half, Harin was sleeping at friends'. The other half of the the second week, a sauna was a good decision. But she can't do this all the time! She needs a place to stay!
Sitting at the bar and drinking her coke, thinking what will happen next. What will be the best solution for her? Sighing, she drinks a bit of her coke. The bar is opening up in one hour but all of the stuff needs to be here one hour before the opening hour.
"Hi sweetie." one of the dancers sits to her. Harin looks at him and rolls her eyes. It's obvious he is interested in her but she isn't. His bad. Hearing a sigh from him, the girl smirks before drinking of her coke again.
"I hear you have a money issue, right?" he says all of a sudden which earns him a surprised look from the girl. "Don't look so surprise. There is no one, who wouldn't know..." he chuckles. "Anyway, I know this one dude, that could help you. He gives loans to people like you. Actually, he should come here today. If you want, I can introduce you." Dave, that's how they called the man, said.
At that moment, it was an offer, Harin couldn't refuse just like that. She needed money badly and so she agreed. But right now, standing in front of this intimidating man, her mind is questioning her. Does she have to do this? Her good sense is reasoning why she should or should not deal with this man. The stubborn side of her mind is making her nod, though.
"How much would you need, my child?" the man with al-capone hat asks her. He isn't here alone. On each of his sides is standing one man in black.
"I.. I need to live somewhere..." she is nervous. Not having dealing with someone as intimidating as this before, she doesn't know what do or how to act.
"I see..." the man nods. "Shall we settle on 10 000 000 Won? I think it would be enough for you to find a flat with a roomie and living just alright. I could lend you 500 000 Won as bonus?" the man says, holding up an envelope with money. Does he bring them just like this in pockets? Harin widens her eyes, looking at the envelope. She is at loss of words.
"You... You would lend me 10 500 000 Won?" she asks, not believing his words.The man chuckles.
"Of course, my dear. I would give you this check and all you have to do is go to a bank." he pushes the envelope with the check to the girl. "But... You need to pay me back in six months, understand?" he asks her with a serious expression. Gulping, Harin nods her head shakily, taking the check.
This is how the hell started. For the next six months, she was working really hard. Besides the club, the girl has found another part-time at a cafe. But it still wasn't enough to pay back all the money. Why was she so stupid and taking the money? Even when she asked Dave to help her, he pushed her away. Why would he help her when she was pushing him away all this time? He did suggest her an idea, but she wouldn't ever do that. She wouldn't go to a brothel and sell her body. No!
Maybe, she just should have say yes to the man. If Dave took her to him, she would have a place to live. She would have a food to eat. But she threw this chance again. It's her fault. Only her own mistake brought her here. This thing wouldn't have happen if she was just smart enough. Just great! The girl has even stopped going to school because of this kind of life!
It's becoming a late autumn. Cold days and nighs have brought rainy clouds with them. Harin doesn't have anything to brace herself with. She spent all the money she was given right at the start, not thinking about worse times. She didn't buy warmer clothes because the summer was coming at that time. Why would she need warm clothes? But now... The girl regrets it. Regrets her foolishness...
It's the third month, she couldn't pay for the rent because she needs to pay back all the money to the loan shark. She just needs to do that... Her roommate was helping her up until now but there are always borders... The much older girl than Harin has been clear this time. She wants her money back. And suddenly, it's not only one person she owes money to. There are two people. Two of them!
Crying on the stairs of the building, Harin doesn't know what to do anymore. There is one option, she can go and ask her parents to help her. But her pride won't allow her to do that. She has disasppointed them a lot, on top of that. So what can she do now? Everytime, she has seen the big gorilla men in black, she ran away, afraid. In the end, she ended up crying. Just like now... With the difference, there was no one to look for her just this week, yet. The girl has been rinning away like this for the past month, buying herself more time to earn the money... But still, short of the big sum.
Putting the hoodie of her black jacket shirt on her head, still crying but wiping the tears from her cheeks, she needs to be strong. Just as she is trying to calm herself down again, two pairs of feet in black shoes stop right in front of her. The girl looks up and breath hitches. Two big men in black. New round of tears stars running down her cheeks when these two men take her each by the arm, bringing her to a black car. Everything about them is black. Suits, shoes, cars and mostly the incredible aura...
Harin is shoved to the car, on the backseat. She yelps at the roughness both the men used on her. Looking at the cat, it looks really expensive and luxurious. The seats made of leather. The real one. When she turns her head to the left, her eyes widen. The man who lent her the money is sitting one the other site of the backseat, cleaning his knife with a handkrief.
"You know, I thought you are smart, dear." he says in a low scary voice. Harin doesn't know his name, but others call him 'The boss' or 'The Owl'. Simply for the fact, he has never missed his prey and always received what he wanted. One or the other way...
"Just... Just give me more time, please.. I will surely pay you back. Really! I mean it..." the girl says quickly, clapping her hands together and makes the motion of begging with them. The Owl, however, looks at her with sharp eyes.
"I have you time. Six months. But that time has ended one month ago! For the past month, every time I sent my boys to you, they couldn't find you. So I thought, I will give you that one month. Yet, you are asking me for more time?" the man chuckles and looks at her with dark, scary eyes. "Do you think I'm that easy to persuade? Your time is up!" he says loudly, to engrave it to her mind.
My time is up? She asks in her mind and licks her lips nervously. What is she supposed to do now? Her heart is beating like crazy and new round of tears threatening to fall.
"I... I will do anything! Just please... Please, let me do anything..." she begs once again, helpless.
"Anything?" the Owl raises his thick brows at her. To his question, there is just violent nodding of head of the girl. "Okay then... You said anything, don't blame me later." he says and sighs, taking a notebook from somewhere by his side and a pen. He writes something to the notebook and then tears off a paper from the said notebook giving it to her. "Here is the address of where you should come tomorrow. There is a time written as well. You better won't be late. And if you won't show up..." he puts the tip of his knife to her lips "... something bad will happen to you, understand?"
Harin's breath hitches again, when the knife touches her lips. She looks at the thing with wide eyes and then back on the face of the man. Reaching up her hand, she takes the piece of paper and looks at the address.
"Where is it?" the girl reads the address but she can't think of where it is, nor how can she get there. Her phone stopped working after a one month since she stopped paying for that. This is her another mistake.. She changed phone and number, so her parents won't reach her. How stupid of her...
"You will know once you will be there. And! You better dress up nice and make yourself pretty." the man says.
Few minutes later, after the weird and scary conversation, Harin is stading outside of the building, clutching the piece of paper with address in her hand. This means that there could be a hope for her again, right? It could mean, she could be saved, right? With this thinking, she couldn't sleep all night because her mind was thinking hard about this everything.
With the sun climbing on top of the sky, the girl starts preparing herself. The Owl said to look pretty, so she is trying her best. She doesn't know where she will go to or what will happen to her but it will help her and she would do anything for her to get out of this situation...
When it's the time, she looks into the mirror for the last time that is placed by the door. Nodding to her, aknowledging she looks her best, Harin walks out with confidence. She can't do this!
Taking a bus to her direction and then the train, she stands stunned when she is standing in front of a huge and nice building. The people with beautiful dresses and suits are going inside. She bites her lip, looking at herself. This isn't the way she should have dressed. For the last time, she is asking herself. Will I really do anything for this? But that's the only thing, the girl remembers. Someone puts a handkrief on her mouth which make her lose coscious.
Waking up in some storage room, the first thing Harin feels is sharp pain in her head. Her sight is still blurry...She looks around, seeing a silluette of someone sitting on a chair. Trying to move her body, she finds it's realy hard because she is tied up.
"Hello, sleepy princess~" she recognizes the voice. It's the loan shark...
"Where I am?" she asks, only now realizing how dry her mouth is. She swallows her saliva to wet her mouth a bit and keeps looking at the man.
"Remember? You said, you would do anything... This is your chance to prove yourself... You are the last item to be sold. Welcome to the auction." the Owl starts laughing. It doesn't last long to Harin to realize what the man just said. Panicking, she starts to cry and struggle. It's no use, however, with her being tied up...

End of flashback

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