Fateful Auction - 1. The beginning of new life (2/2)

25. dubna 2017 v 12:00 | Carol |  Fateful Auction
Hello~ Dneska jsem tady z druhou částí první kapitoli :3 Doufám, že se alespoň někdo těšil.
Chtěla jsem se zeptat, mám hodně angických OneShotů. Mám je překládat do češtiny, nebo je chcete číst v angličtině? Určitě je sem dám i v angličtině, já jen jestli to někoho vůbec zajímá :)
No nic, užijte si dnešní díl! xD
| Chaptered | Anglické/English | Fanfictions | Super Junior | Lee Junki | OC | hetero | 18+ | By Carol |

That's how she got here. The girl should have known that nothing good will come up with trusting that man, but then again... She was too blinded by saving her own life, not thinking what could happen to her. In this building, there will be someone, who buys her. Makes her his or hers slave and then could just throw away or sell again. Just like the auctioneer said, anything can happen to her now.
Harin's face is covered with tears, running down her cheeks. All she can do is wait. She can just wait for someone to buy her. For someone to say the biggest price. She knows very well how auction works. But this? This is not like those auctions in the tv, where people sell jewels and all. Here can be sold even people! This is an illegal thing! But who would listen to her here and now? No one cares how she feels... If there was someone like that, she wouldn't have been here in the first place...
"And here we have the first bidder! 20 500 000 Won for the man with the number 10! Is there someone who will give more?" the auctioneer shouts with all his might and exciting voice. Harin can see the man. He has a sly smile on his face and is bald and fat. She wouldn't want to go to someone like that! The only thing she can do is to pray. She needs to pray for someone nice and kind to buy her. But is it possible here? Will there be someone like that?
"Oh! Number 35 is giving 40 000 000 Won! But there is a bigger price of mister with number 10!" there is this challening between the two numbers but then someone shouts an unbelievable sum of money
"100 000 000 Won!" it's a voice of a man but Harin can't see him. He is in the back of the auditorium which is completely dark.
"A man with number 102 is offering 100 000 000 Won! Is there someone who gives more?" the auctioneer asks in a challenging tone and there is a few seconds quiet. "No? Then this young Korean and beautiful woman is sold to the man with number 102!"
That's it. She is sold to some man that she doesn't even know... Everything downs on her now. Is it really the end? Or is it a new beginning? Harin stares blankly at all the people, not crying anymore, only trembling. This is just a dream.. This must be a dream! The inner voice in her mind is shouting at her but the opposite is the cruel reality. This is all because of her own fault...
Feeling the bird cage moving, the girl looks around only to see that she is being moved somewhere else. Four big men are pushing a cage and all of them look really scary. Where is she being moved now? Where are they taking her? She doesn't have a clue... Her head didn't stop to hurt, yet and all the crying didn't really help, either... With her being weak, she collapses.
Harin was always a weak child. She couldn't mentally bear lot of things and always broke down to crying. The doctor said that it can be from the trauma of her childhood. But no one knew of what trauma because nothing bad had happened to her when she lived with her current parents all her life. This only means, something must have happened before she was adopted. Even before she was brought to the orphange where she was adopred from. She must have lost her memories after the trauma... According to the doctor, it could be anything... She could have been kidnapped because she was found on the street uncouscious when they brought her to the orphanage. There is also an option, she could have seen something shocking.. There is just so many reasons but which one is the right one? No one knows... Harin just never was the strong type of person.
One day later:
The girl wakes up in a large room. It takes her a minute to remember what has actually happened. When everything downs upon her, she bolds up, sitting straight on the bed, she was sleeping in and looks around the room. A huge nice and luxurious room of the color white and light brown. It's like she woke up back in thousand years ago. Everything here in the room looks like a room of a princess.
A huge bed with multiple covers dominating the room is enough to tell how the room is luxurious. Harin got the chance to sleep in this kind of bed! On both sides of the bed are night stands. There is a white dressing table with large mirror. Three wardrobes for clothes.
Wow.. Just how much clothes does this person have? She can't help but think. Right! There is the man! The girl bits on her bottom lip, thinking what she should do now. Should she try and run away? Should she walk our from the door that are on her right side and look for THE someone? Or should she just stays in her place? Not knowing what to do, she doesn't move an inch, when the door are wide open and a beautiful looking man stands there. Yes, beautiful. He could be considered a woman without some male features.
"Oh! The sleepy princess has woken up!" he turns his head to the outside of the room as if calling for someone. When he looks back, there is a big grin on his face. A big happy grin. Now that she is looking at the man, he is somehow familiar. Where did she seen him? Before that question can be answered, however, four other man appear in the door.
Harin widens her eyes at five men. Just which one of them has bought her?! Looking at the from left to right, she can't help but wonder. All of them look pretty handsome but does the look matter now? The girl doesn't know what to do! Keeping quiet, she carefully watches them, waiting what will they do next. All of them are looking at her as carefully.
The one on a very left is tall but not the tallest. His hair is brown and eyes dark, looking straight at her with judging look on her face. He is standing with his arms crossed on his chest. The man is wearing a suit pants and white shirt with sleeves rolled up.
The man right next to him is a bit taller. His hair is brown as well but a bit lighter. He is wearing a full suit of dark blue color. His hands are in his pocket. Just as the first one, he is looking at her with judging look on his face. All of them do, to be exact.
The man in the middle looks like a boss. Out of all them, he has the most mature look because of the unshaved beard. It makes him really manly. Actually, he is wearing a party suit. It looks like he is going somewhere or came from somewhere, looking like this.
There is another one standing. The shortest man but still taller than Harin. At least, it looks this way. She knows him, however! She has seen him on a tv so often! Kim Ryewook! He is a really famous artist, but has always given athe cold and arrogant vibe. That's why she didn't like him. Looking at him today, he is wearing a white coat with black shirt under it. His dark, slightly curly hair isn't styled as it would be on the tv. Actually, it looks like he has just woken up. But clearly, he hasn't.
And on the very right is standing the beautiful man. His hair is dark brown to redish. For some weird reason, he is wearing an orange suit which is pretty crazy to wear but well... That's his way of dressing, probably. He is looking at the girl with an amused grin.
Harin doesn't have a clue what to do. She just lowers her face, only now realizing that she is wearing a completely different clothes, she was wearing before! Where is her red blouse, she was wearing at the auction? Right now, there is a white shirt on buttons. Widening her eyes, she brings the cover more to her body.
"Who will take her first?" Ryeowook asks. Everyone's gaze, including the girl's, falls on him. "Someone needs to take her, right? Who will be the first one?" he looks at the other guys. For a man that looks so innocent, he has a dangerous smirk put on.
"Ryeowook, she will stay here... It's only on us to come here. What if you take her out and someone sees you? There is much more better things to do than have media behind your ass." the light-brown haired says, sighing.
"Kyuhun is right. We can't take her away from here. None of us." the man in the middle looks with strict eyes at the other four. The dominating aura around him is so large which makes Harin shiver, upon seeing that.
"Let's just draw lots with days of the week... It will have its order and it will be fair also." the man on the left says with a calm voice.
What are they talking about? Why can she go out of here? They mean this room or this building? What the think about them taking her? She doesn't understand anything one bit. But soon enough, she will know everything. She bets she will.
"That's actually a very good idea." the man in the middle laughs. "So just like Junki said. We have five days of the week and then there is a weekend... Let's see what can we do with the weekend but now, let's draw lots." he says and others nods.
Harin is still being watched. Their eyes are as sharp as hawk's. The guy named Junki leaves the room for a bit. With one out now, there is four men standing there. She still doesn't know what is going on here. And except Ryewook, she doesn't know any of them.. Okay, she caught a name of two others but what can a name say? Nothing. Under the covers, the girl is trembling. She tries not to make it so visible, though, by clutching on the blanket hard.
After few minutes of silence in the room and those still judging looks, Junki comes back which makes all the attention fall on him. Harin is more than gratefull for this because she felt like they were undressing her with only their eyes and make her so much nervous... She lets out a huge sigh of relief when all the men goes to Junki and consult something with him.
Once again, she is questioning herself. How did she get herself into this trouble? Why did she make those decisions? She regrets it. A lot.. Never in her life, she has regretted something this much.
It doesn't take long before those men grab her attention again. They are really drawing lots! Am I really such a price?! A voice in her mind shouts, but she doesn't voice it. Harin wants the least attention right now.
Each one of them are putting hand into a small bag and takes out a paper. All of them read the paper but Harin can't tell what they are thinking by their blank expression. None of them are really giving out something.
"Alright..." Junki says and pulls out paper from the pocket of his pants, together with a pen. "So, who is Monday?" he asks, looking at the other four.
"Me~" the one in orange grins even wider than he was grinning all this while. It looks like he smokes a weed with the grin never disappearing from his face.
"That's me." Kyuhyun says and puts his hand into his pockets again.
"Wednesday is me." Junki says before asking another day. "Thursday?"
"Mine." Ryeowook says with actually a bit annoyed voice. He wanted to be the first one!
"And Friday is Siwon then..." Junki writes the last name. "Okay, I'll repeat... Monday Heechul, Tuesday Kyuhyun, Wednesday me Junki, Thursday Ryeowook and Friday Siwon..." reads the days and names again. Then he walks to a board and pins the paper there. "So this is the order we will be coming..." nods his head, looking at others and lastly his eyes fall on her. The girl who hasn't got a clue what is going to happen to her tonight.
"It actually plays into my cards today since I have to attend the party. Today is yours, Junki. We better leave you two alone." Siwon smirks and starts leaving, before taking a last glance at the girl. "We will see each other on Friday."

Right after the man, others leave too, except Junki. He stays in the room and walks to the bed. Harin panics at that instant. What is he going to do to her?!

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