Him, the one in white coat (part 1)

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Hello~ tak první anglický oneshot přichazí! Můj oblibený pairing :3 Doufám, že se vám bude všem líbit. Taky na spod povídky vložím anketu pro ty, kteří neumí anglicky, ale rádi by si povídku přečetli ^^ Upřímně? Je dlouhá... Když píšu anglicky, píšu větišnou jenom dlouhé povídky a fan fikce, protože se nedokážu zastavit a většinou to lidé ocení víc, než ty české, ale to posoudíte sami :) Ve wordu má 9 stránek a něco málo k tomu.... Ale protože word mi tu povídku nepovolí zveřejnit tak dlouhou, bude na dvě (možná tři) části.
Příjemné čtení!
| OneShot | Anglické/English | Fanfics | Super Junior | Pairing: WonKyu| Rated M | By Carol |

Hell. He would call this building a hell. It's not like he wants to curse this place or something, it's just personal. He doesn't know if he is here because of his injury now, or because of his dizziness. Whenever, he happens to be in a hospital, he feels like this. A grown-up man. Does it make sense? But more than this building, he doesn't like people in white coats. They are creeping him out. These people actually have license to cut a person up! This is insane! Okay, he is very glad for these people to be in this world and treating others, but he still doesn't like them.
Back then, when Siwon was still a child and lived with his parents, he witnessed something, he wished he never saw. Not that changed his point of view on life, his innocence was effected as well. That night, he ran away from home. He was so scared of staying there, that he just had to run away and never come back. That's all he could do like this. Never in his life, was he scared like this and people with white coats.
Since that time, he has never seen his parents again. They were those people in white coats. They were trying to save a person but ended up killing them. It was the most horrific sight for Siwon since he was only 10 years old. He was so much scared! And now he is sitting here with his two best friends. He is royally pissed at them, because they know how much he hates hospitals! Yet, they have brought him here. Just great…
"Don't give me this look.. You were the one, who was trying to kill yourself." Eunhyuk catches Siwon's glare, just when he was looking around. There is so many people today…
"Excuse me? You were the one running around the apartment when I was cooking!" The tallest man whispers loudly, clenching his jaw and his uninjured hand.
"I told you guys, we should call a delivery." Donghae sighs, listening to those two. It's late in the night, they were cooking and now are sitting here. Damn, he is tired as hell! He knows better things to do on Monday's night, than sitting in a hospital hall. What's more disappointing? They wanted to spend Valentine's day with Siwon, so the man wouldn't have to be alone! They have completely sacrificed their night! Just for Siwon!
"You know, I don't eat from deliveries." Siwon groans defeated, staring at the white wall in front of him. White… White everywhere! He hates the color! Why everything has to be white! Because of this, he started to even hate winter! Walls in his apartment are colorful or he would feel completely depressed and stressed every time he comes home. Home is meant to be a place to relax after all.
"If we called them, you wouldn't cut yourself." Donghae points out, glancing towards the tall guy. He understands his fear for hospitals, but perhaps he is overdoing it.
"It's not like I'm bleeding too much." Siwon sighs again, closing his eyes. All his life, he was trying to be as healthy as possible, so he wouldn't have to go to the hospital. Of course, sometimes he just had to go and sometimes he was just refusing so much, that someone had to help him somewhere else than hospital. He still remembers this one boy, who helped him. He was about two years younger than Siwon, he was very professional, however. Just like a doctor. That was the first time, he didn't mind being treated like a patient. It was a nice feeling for a change.
"But you lost amount of blood. You are okay right now, just because you were paying attention at biological class and know how to stop bleeding." Eunhyuk slapped Siwon lightly on the head. He was truly terrified when Siwon yelled because of cutting himself and blood was everywhere. If the man didn't treat it as soon as possible, they would be in a large trouble!
"True enough." Siwon nods, glancing at his two friends. If he should be honest, there wasn't much to do to stop the bleeding. Aish, they are doing a complete havoc here. Why are there people staring this way?!
"We aren't here even for two minutes and we are arguing." Donghae shakes his head, pouting a bit. Well, it's not like he wasn't awaiting this because the topic of hospital is passé but still. They just want to help Siwon! What's so hard in understanding that?
"Not my fault…" Eunhyuk says grumpily, nudging Siwon to make it clear that he is not happy with that either. He could be spending night with Donghae in room, making love or something. Even though, if it was in Siwon's apartment. The walls are thick and others can't hear what's going on in the room. That was the first thing, he and Donghae checked out when visiting Siwon for the first time…
Just when all three of them finally calmed down, a young doctor walked passed them. His white coat was long until his knees, but for some reason this doctor just seemed off because of something… Are doctors always dressed like this under the white coat? He looks rather stylish. So much, that Siwon can't leave his eyes off of him. It almost seems, like his eyes are glued to the one doctor. Donghae and Eunhyuk are staring at the young doctor with interest as well, but more like… They have seen him somewhere, but where?
"Subin, please take care of this thing and send to me another patient. Thank you." The doctor starts speaking with a smile, professionally, when approaching a nurse who has a night shift tonight. It's a sister of one of the doctor's, Lee Sungmin. He is giving her a small envelope. The envelope looks really weird, though…
The nurse looks at the young doctor with wide eyes and raised brows. What is he doing here? He shouldn't be here! Either way, she accepts the envelope, glancing down at it. There is something written. Look inside. Not knowing this guy, she would have thought, he is trying to flirt with her.
"Yes, doctor Cho." She nods her head, holding a chuckle in, since she can guess he has something prepared up to his sleeve and wants to it be top secret. By the way, he is acting, it even looks like he doesn't want to be caught at all because of some reason. "But… What are you doing here tonight? Don't you have a day off?" if that's what he wants, she will go along the lines. His answer, however, is just a smile and a small wink, before going to his office.
Subin stares at the door, which just closed before opening the envelope and reading the card that is inside. Send me Choi Siwon. The nurse looks at the report in her files and chuckles. There is some guy named Choi Siwon. He is here for an emergency treatment. Gosh, what's going on with this man again? What are they plotting here right now? Where is her brother anyway? He should be here on the night shift!
"He is pretty young to be a doctor, isn't he?" Eunhyuk asks, looking at Donghae and then at Siwon, who is trying hard to not to run after doctor Cho this very moment.
The truth is, he knows doctor Cho for some time now. Actually, he is the young boy treating his would years ago. They met again and started dating soon after. This is their third month together. Of course, his two friends know nothing about this. He didn't tell them yet, because there wasn't a right time yet. They have always met briefly and tonight just appeared out of nowhere. Just the night, he had something planned with Kyuhyun. Let's just say, this is a little revenge? Damn, he just wants to clean the ketchup from his hand already! It's becoming sticky and starting to smell as well! Any longer and those two would find out about his little secret!
"Well, at least he isn't old. And you must admit... He is good looking." Donghae grins, looking at the door of the office. But he just can't take off that feeling, he has seen somewhere the guy before… But where?
"Can you two just shut up?" Siwon looks at both of them. Why does he have to sit right between them? Couldn't they sit next to each other? He feels like some kid, that is being punished for something…
Just when he was thinking about the ketchup again, a nurse came up to them with a small smile. She is really curious, who this Choi Siwon is and looking at him like this… Well, Kyuhyun has a good taste.
"Mr. Choi Siwon?" she asks with a small smirk, that formed on her lips, even without her knowing.
"Yes?" Siwon looks up at her, noticing her small smirk. It isn't hard for him to say, that she knows something.
"You can go inside. Doctor Cho is waiting." She states, taking her leave again. Now actually smiling, because no one in particular is looking at her.
"You are going to him? Damn, lucky you." Donghae grins at Siwon, patting him on the shoulder. If this goes well, maybe the man will have a good and long fuck tonight or other day. It's Siwon after all and there's no way, he won't ask the guy out. Hae noticed him, staring at the doctor when he came for quite a while.
"Hey! You have me!" Eunhyuk looks at him hurt, pouting. He never thought, he would hear something like this from his boyfriend.
"And I love you but you know… Look around at all those guys and girls…" Hae motions to all the people with his head, a small smirk forming on his lips.
"Ah.. I see." Hyuk starts smirking as well at this point, raising his brows couple of times, looking at Siwon.
Ignoring his two friends, Siwon sighs again and walks over to the office, where doctor Cho disappeared to. He knocks on the door, waiting for a welcome from the other side of the door, and then walking inside. For the last time, he looks at his two friends, feeling sincerely sorry for them right now. Shooting them a small smile, he closes the door behind him.
"So, what's bothering you Mr. Choi?" Kyuhyun asks, as soon as Siwon pays attention to him. He was waiting for him here, leaning against the table with arms crossed on his chest, a triumphal smile on his lips.
The asked man chuckles, walking up to his lover and wrapping one arm around his waist, while the other arm with the 'injured' hand is being hold up.
"What's bothering me more or less?" Siwon asks with a smile, holding Kyuhyun tightly in one spot, so he can't run away.
"More." The doctor says after seconds of silence. For some reason, he is kind of afraid of the answer, in a good way. This man can be so cheesy and so pervert at the same time, after all. It's making Kyuhyun pick wisely. Then why does he want to know the obvious?
"You in your clothes, doctor Cho." Siwon answers immediately, kissing Kyuhyun's jaw and cheeks.
Kyuhyun bites on his lip, starting to blush a bit. Just when he awaits it the least, the man attacks his lips, demanding an entrance to his hot cavern, which is gladly accepted. There's no way, Kyuhyun would reject Siwon's kisses.
"Pervert. What's bothering you less?" the doctor chuckles, panting slightly from the making out season. He keeps staring into Siwon's eyes, smiling at him. Gosh, how long was it since they last seen each other? One week? Damn his job as a doctor!
"The ketchup on my hand…" Siwon looks at the hand, disgusted.
"There is a sink. We have only few minutes, before Sungmin comes here and your friends start storming." Kyuhyun chuckles, resting his head against Siwon's shoulder.
"Oh? And where are we going?"
"To my apartment. They will be probably waiting for you in your apartment..." the younger one stops talking only to tilt his head a bit, when he feels Siwon's lips on his neck. Closing his eyes, he temporarily forgets about everything, enjoying the moment. "Won, stop, we have to hurry!" suddenly he snaps, giving a disapproving look to Siwon.
"Sure sure… Give me a minute." The man sighs, releasing Kyuhyun from his hold.
"Hurry!" the doctor smiles, pecking Won's cheek and taking the coat off, hanging it on the hanger for Sungmin. He didn't have time to get his own.
Siwon walks to the sink and takes off the bandage, throwing it in the can and washes his hands. That's gross… Even the water smells like hospital! If there wasn't Kyuhyun, he wouldn't even cross the line of main door of this building. He would even start to fight his friends, so they would take him away from there. But now, there is his lover and even though, he doesn't really like the job, Kyuhyun is a great doctor. Plus, just for him, his cute boyfriend promised him to open up his own small office in the neighborhood. Isn't he amazing?
In the waiting room, on the hall, Eunhyuk and Donghae are waiting, being a little anxious. It's a while since Siwon disappeared in the office and they haven't heard from him since then. They are sitting next to each other, holding hands carefully, so people won't see it. There are some people, who don't like gays after all. They don't want any arguments this late at night.
Sitting in their places tight, not even moving to look around, they stare at the door of the office. What is taking them so long? Is Siwon really seriously injured? What if they caused a serious accident and Siwon has to stay in the hospital? That's not something, best friends should do. They are already adults on top of that.
"Subin, I'm going to the office. Kyuhyun already left… And he looked in a very good mood." A shorter guy came to the nurse. He didn't have any coat or anything, but was acting like he was a doctor there.
When Eunhyuk with Donghae heard, that Kyuhyun left, suddenly they remembered. The doctor Cho! It must have been the young snarky boy, they have been fighting a lot few years back! It was the guy who treated Siwon as well, because the guy didn't want to go to the hospital! Wait… He left?! When? Where? And where is Siwon?
"I'm not surprised, he was practically bouncing when he came to me, asking for one specific patient." Subin chuckles, looking at her brother Sungmin. She glances to those two, with an apologetic smile, since they were staring at them with wide eyes.
"Yeah… I know." Sungmin nods, with a small laugh.
Sungmin knows Kyuhyun since college and they were getting along really well. They knew about each other almost everything. They could even tell when something was off with the other one. Every time, Kyuhyun was in love, he was acting crazy but not to this extent. This time, he fell really hard for his boyfriend. Sungmin never met Siwon in person, but talked to him on phone few times when Kyuhyun had to go somewhere or something. Just from that, he could tell, the guy was a good man.
"I should tell his friends to leave. Their friend isn't here anymore. Poor them, making fun of them and then running away." Subin sighs, looking at those two, pouting a bit, feeling sorry towards them. Maybe, she should have told them earlier but then again, she didn't know when Kyuhyun would be able to leave with his boyfriend.
"Life of best friends, being the third wheel." Sungmin chuckles, taking reports from his sister on patients.
"It more looked like Siwon was the third wheel though." She tilted her head to the side.
"And now, it's them." Sungmin nods, and starts leaving for the office. "Anyway, send me first patient."
After Subin sends the patient to the doctor, she goes to the two friends, explaining them the situation. At first, they didn't want to trust her, so she had to show them the card with Kyuhyun's note. Only then, they were left dumbfounded, then furious and then they were storming out of the hospital to Siwon's apartment, assuming he was there, together with Kyuhyun. A wrong choice of directions. Kyuhyun and Siwon drove away right the opposite direction.
In the mean time, Kyuhyun has already parked his car at the lot. He is counting himself lucky for living so near his work place. Never in his life was this happy to live only ten minutes of ride in a car. Both him and Siwon are quick to leave the car and get in the apartment building, right into the elevator.
In the elevator, Siwon can't hold himself anymore and pushes Kyuhyun against the wall, where he attacks his lips again. Before Kyuhyun even starts to protest, he already gives into the man's kissing, wrapping his arms around the man's neck. Small whimpers leaving his mouth, when Won starts rubbing his crotch against Kyuhyun's.
When the elevator opens the door, both men are already fully aroused. Kyuhyun grabs Siwon's hand and pulls him into the apartment, after unlocking the door. As soon as the door shut closed, Kyuhyun is slammed against the wall again, his mouth being ravished again. Both of them got rid of each other's jacket, plus the younger had the chance to take off the man's sweatshirt.


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