Him, the one in white coat (part 2)

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| OneShot | Anglické/English | Fanfics | Super Junior | Pairing: WonKyu| Rated M | By Carol |

Was it in the morning? The young doctor planned a perfect night with his boyfriend. Romantic night, with a good meal and wine. Later on, with an amazing sex, then shower together. Looks, like it will from the end to the beginning. Not that he minds. He wouldn't complain about this at all!
Siwon lifts Kyuhyun, so the latter can wrap his legs around the man's waist. When Kyu is fully secured, the man finds his way to the bedroom, where he was so many times already. Even before, they started to date.
In the bedroom, once again, Kyuhyun ends up with his back on the door, this time bedroom's. Breaking the kiss because of lack of oxygen, Won uses this chance to take off Kyuhyun's jumper and shirt. Siwon's shirt follows right after.
Once both of them are half naked, the older man moves his lips through younger's jaw line to his neck, paying attention to the sensitive skin, making love marks and bites there. Kyuhyun's soft moans start to echo the room. Those delicious moans, he loves to hear.
The younger one tilts his head to the side, so the other has more access to his neck. While his neck has the attention, he feels his cock getting painful and wants more friction. He starts to grind against the other's hips, a loud moan leaving his lips.
"Someone is impatient…" Siwon chuckles, looking up at his lover and pecking his lips, moving to the bed ever so slowly, letting Kyuhyun to grind his hips against his.
"Don't blame a man. How can I not get aroused?" the younger asks, his eyes filled with lust. He wants his lover inside of him so much it hurts! Literally. His erection hurts how hard it is!
"I completely understand what you mean baby." Siwon lays Kyuhyun down carefully on the bed, kissing him again, while his hand starts playing with one of the younger's perky nipples. Delicious moans keep escaping Kyuhyun's mouth, that it makes Siwon even harder. He can already feel himself leaking of precum.
Moving his lips to the other erect nipple, Siwon starts sucking on it and licking it as well, while pinching the other with his fingers. His free hand, finds its way down into Kyuhyun's pants, where the erection is hiding already leaking with so much precum. Looks, like he isn't the only one in so much need.
With all these sensations, there comes new wave of moans. Kyuhyun is arching his back in all the pleasure, with closed eyes.
Seeing, how the younger keeps his eyes closed, Siwon stops all the demonstrations and gets off of the bed, which is something Kyuhyun completely disagree about, whining loudly.
"Just wait a for a bit…" Siwon chuckles at Kyuhyun's cute behavior and opens the cabinet, where Kyuhyun's ties are being kept, he takes two and then goes back to the bed. "Shall we play a little?"
"Hm?" the doctor is looking at him confused, as to why did he have to grab his ties right now, when everything was getting hot. He just doesn't get his boyfriend from time to time. Why is he doing this to him?!
"Get into the center of the bed and put your hands to the head of the bed." The man instructs, getting on the bed himself and straddles the boy, once he does what he was told.
Kyuhyun still doesn't understand what's going on, but soon gets alert when his hands are being tied up to the head bed by his tie. He tries moving his hands, only to find out, it's impossible and stares at Siwon blinking. Is he kidding him right now?
"Siwon?" he asks, unsure of what's going on. He doesn't get any answer, however. Instead, he is being blinded with the second tie. "Siwon… This is not funny." He whines, feeling scared a bit. They didn't play like this before and he doesn't know what to await at all.
"Shh… It's alright baby…" Siwon leans down to Kyuhyun's ear and whispers sensually, and then bites on the ear lobe. "Just feel…" he says huskily.
By this action, Kyuhyun's body shivers in anticipation. This is going to be something new and he knows, he will love it, if it's Won. His breath gets unsteady, while waiting what will happen next. His erection is still hard and painful.
Siwon shifts a bit lower and licks one nipple, then the other, and then starts licking his way actress Kyuhyun's chest down to his pants, which he unbuttons, sliding them off of the younger's legs and throwing somewhere inside the room.
With being blinded and not able to touch, Kyuhyun became more sensitive and keeps shifting to get more touches. Hopelessly, he is trying to get any attention. But he isn't getting any, since the man is just staring down at him with eyes full of lust. If he could he would take him right then, but he knows he must prep his lover before taking him. He would hate himself if hurt Kyuhyun.
"Won~ Please… Do something…" Kyuhyun starts speaking after a while, when nothing is being done. Siwon is being this cruel on purpose! How can he?! Soon it will Kyuhyun's chance to take a revenge!
"And what do you want baby?" Won asks in a husky voice, taking off Kyuhyun's boxers slowly and then runs his fingers on the other's erection gently and teasingly.
"Ahn… Take me already…" Kyuhyun moans, biting on his lip and buckling up his hips greedy for more touch.
"I have to prep you first Kyu." Siwon sighs. He knew this would be the request.
Of course, what else would be coming from Kyuhyun's mouth? But he won't give in, not this time. He has done it once and took Kyuhyun raw. The latter was in incredible pain next morning, which was breaking Siwon's heart into pieces. He was taking care of him all day, cuddled him and made him food, feeling bad for what he had done. It's not like he wouldn't want to do that again. He would, but for other reasons and not because his Kyu would be in pain.
"You don't have to! Just take me!" the boy says in a commanding voice, seeking more of the attention. He wants Siwon inside of him already and so badly!
"Being demanding, are we?" the man starts pupping Kyu's length slowly, while leaning down to make more marks on his neck. He wants everyone to know that Kyuhyun is his.
"Aaaahhhnn… Fuck Siwon!" the younger moans loudly, arching his back in pleasure.
"I will prep you at least a little." Siwon promises, while still kissing him.
"No rush babe." Siwon slowly moves his hand to Kyuhyun's entrance and pushes one finger inside gently. There is no lube, if he remembers correctly, so he has to be very careful, while working his way or preparing his lover.
The man soon adds one more finger to the first one and starts scissoring them to stretch Kyuhyun properly. Soon, the third finger follows up. This time, Siwon starts aiming for the sweet spot. He knows by heart, where the spot it. There is no way, he wouldn't remember something about Kyuhyun's body.
Kyuhyun starts screaming from the pleasure he is getting, meeting the thrusts of fingers with his hips. Small drops of sweat is already forming on his body. He is getting so hot right now.
"Won! I… I want… I want you already!" Kyuhyun moans out.
Not being have to asked twice, Siwon takes off his pants, together with his boxers and pumps his erection few times, before positioning himself and throwing Kyuhyun's legs over his shoulders, before thrusting into him all the way.
"Ahnnn!" A very loud moan escapes from Kyuhyun's lips, his back arching and new wave of sweat forming on his body.
"Fuck so tight baby…" Siwon groans from the pleasure. "How come your ass feels so amazing every time?" he leans down again, biting gently on the younger's skin to leave more marks.
"I have my ways…" Kyu breaths out.
"You have pretty goddamn amazing ways then!"
Without being asked, Siwon starts to move quickly, he doesn't bother to go slow since he is sure he prepped Kyuhyun good enough for him to bear with a fast pace. Thrusting hard and fast, Won keeps missing the prostate on purpose. He wants Kyuhyun to last longer.
With each thrust the younger meets the hips of the older man, wanting to feel him harder and deeper inside. His heart is beating like crazy and he can't move, which is completely killing him. He wants to touch Siwon so badly but he can't.
"Deeper… Harder… Please…" Kyuhyun breaths out, throwing his head backwards.
To fulfill the boy's request, Siwon changes positions, turning Kyu on his four. Before he starts moving again, he makes sure, the doctor can breath properly.
With this new position, Siwon's thrust are faster, harder and deeper than the previous ones. He keeps up his fast pace, never stopping.
Soon, when he feels himself getting closer to his release, he reaches for Kyuhyun's cock to pump it. From the way, how tight, the younger got tight, he can tell that Kyu is very close to cumming as well.
"W-Won… I'm going to…"
"Cum whenever you want babe~"
Few more thrusts and Kyuhyun is cumming into his sheets on the bed, in a silent scream. His walls got so tight, that it made Siwon almost unable to move and it caused that he released his cum into Kyuhyun's cute little butt.
The man pulls out of Kyuhyun and unties his hands. Then he throws somewhere the tie, that was blinding him. It takes the boy few seconds to adjust to the light in the room. The next thing he knows, is being pulled to the man's panting chest. His heart is beating like crazy as well.
The young doctor smiles and places kisses on the sweaty chest, here and there, to prove how happy he is at the moment.
This small gesture, makes Won smile. He loves how affectionate can Kyuhyun get with him. He is just so adorable sometimes. Siwon pecks the younger's hair and then nuzzles it.
"I missed you so much." Kyu looks up at his lover with big eyes, pouting a little.
"I missed you too baby. Sorry, I couldn't go to see you sooner." He smiles apologetically, rubbing the other's back soothingly.
The younger stares at Siwon for a bit longer, before an idea pops out in his head. A sweet revenge! He smirks, which makes Siwon more alert. With small movements, he keeps kissing and licking the other's chest, going down to his crotch.
"Baby? What are you… Aahh.." not being able to finish the sentence, Siwon moans. Kyuhyun just took his cock into his mouth, making him hard again.
When the cock is completely erect again, Kyuhyun smirks again and starts teasing the tip very slowly, then bobs his head down. He repeats his motion.
"Mhm… Baby… stop teasing…" Siwon moans, his eyes closed and his head thrown backwards from how much pleasured he is right now. His hips jerking up to get more pleasure. But he is pleading is being ignored by Kyuhyun. On top of that, the younger keeps his hips down, so he can move at all. He is going at his own pace.
Few minutes later, he starts deep throating the man, then teasing again. This continues until the man feels like cumming.
"Kyu? I'm going to… cum inside… your mouth…" Won breaths out. The only respond, however, is humming which makes vibration runs down his cock and that pushes him over the edge.
"Baby!" he moans loudly, buckling up his hips.
The young doctor swallows all the cum, licking his lips to get rid of the drops on his them. He looks at Siwon, who is breathing heavily, with closed eyes.
"You are just so good…" the man says, after he steadies his breathing a bit. This makes Kyuhyun grin and snuggles to the man, nuzzling his chest again.
Siwon chuckles and covers them with the blanket. Glancing to the clock on the night stand, it's already 2 am. No wonder he is so tired.
It doesn't take much longer for both of them to fall asleep. It was a long day for both of them. This activity didn't help much to their tired bodies, but they would lie, if they said they didn't enjoy it at all. No way! They did enjoy it. So much!
In the morning, Kyuhyun wakes up sooner than Siwon. He is used to waking up early because of his job, even without an alarm clock. Thankfully, today he doesn't have to hurry, because he has a day off. Just like yesterday. If he remembers correctly, Siwon goes to work only in the afternoon, so they have all morning for themselves.
He looks up at the sleeping man and smiles sweetly at him. Won is sleeping peacefully, still holding him in his embrace. What a nice sight right after waking up. He wished to see this face like this every morning. He shifts a bit, but unfortunately it makes the man groan in his sleep. Kyuhyun bites on his lip, looking at the handsome face.
Few seconds later, Siwon opens his eyes. The sight of his boyfriend makes him smile immediately.
"Good morning baby…" he says groggily, while brushing hair from the younger's face.
"Good morning love." Kyu smiles and pecks the man's chin. "Sorry to wake you up." The boy pouts with a sigh. Siwon, however, shakes his head and points to his lips for a morning kiss. Kyuhyun chuckles and kisses him.
Who could have known that it would turn out to be pretty damn long make out season, which led to another round of sex? Right after that, both of them had to go to take a shower, and that led to another round. One would say, they would get enough of it but no. They can't get enough of each other.
Right now, Siwon is dressed only in his jeans, topless, making a breakfast in the kitchen. He is making pancakes with a jam. The ones, Kyu loves.
Kyuhyun, on the other hand, is wearing Siwon's shirt, which he refused to go of and pair of boxers. He is sitting on the counter right next to the man, smiling at him.
Being almost done with preparing the pancakes, Won hugs Kyuhyun around the waist, smiling at him. All he has to do now, is wait for the pancakes to fry now. He leans forwards and pecks his lover's lips.
"Hmm.. Have I ever told you that I love you?" the man asks, looking at Kyu with his dimpled smile.
"Have I ever told you that I love you more?" the doctor challenges him and kisses his lips.
Right at this moment, there is someone ringing the bell, which makes two lovers break the kiss and frown.
"I'll go to open the door." Kyuhyun sighs and jumps off of the counter, walking to the main door. He checks himself in the mirror. He doesn't have any pants on, but it shouldn't be much of problem. He is just royally pissed at that person, who just rang the bell and broke his time with Siwon.
Opening the door, so he won't be fully seen, Kyuhyun prepares to yell but when he spots two men standing there, he decides not to.
"Hello, doctor Cho. I think we need to talk." Eunhyuk says with crossed arms on his chest and frown on his face. Donghae is trying to look as tough as his boyfriend but keeps failing.
"Okay, sure. Come inside." Kyuhyun welcomes them in.
The first thing, that makes those two stay right at the spot, is seeing the young doctor only in shirt. They don't recognize it, however. When they step in, there is another culture shock. Clothes on the floor thrown everywhere. Third culture shock would probably be Kyuhyun just leaving them there and walking inside of the apartment.
"Babe, how much jam do you want on your pancakes?" someone calls out from the kitchen. They know this voice. Of course, they do! Hurrying to the kitchen, they are welcomed by the sight of half naked Siwon and Kyuhyun preparing kitchen.
"A lot." The asked boy looks at the jam and pancakes with big eyes, licking his lips, wanting have some already.
"Not a lot. I want you to keep healthy." Siwon shakes his head and puts the right amount of jam, nodding to himself afterwards.
"Then why are you asking?" the doctor pouts, narrowing his brows.
"Because I'm well-mannered." Siwon smiles and looks at Kyuhyun, pecking his pout.
"We have guests." Kyu says after the kiss, not being one bit bothered by those two witnessing them kissing. It's not like it's secret anymore. Even a stupid person would understand what happened between them.
"Hmm?" Siwon looks around and grins, seeing his two best friends. "Oh, hi guys! Did you have breakfast?"
"What?" Donghae's jaw drops open. Is he really asking about breakfast right now? That man has gone nuts!
"How can you ask this?" Eunhyuk snaps, walking to the kitchen with pissed look on his face. Is he really being asked this after the whole night? Because they couldn't find Siwon, they had to go back to the hospital and ask for Kyuhyun's address. "Do you know how much mad we are right now?"
"Do you know how much I am right now?" Siwon changes his tone of voice, his expression getting completely serious.
While those three are arguing, Kyuhyun snatches away the jam and pours some more on his pancakes, so Siwon won't see anything.
"Excuse me?" Eunhyuk and Donghae ask at the same time, not believing their ears.
"We could have another round if you didn't ring the bell!"

That confession left those two completely speechless and dumbfounded. God knows, what they thought at the moment. Siwon caught Kyuhyun with the jam in his hand and sighed, defeated. What will he do with this guy? And Kyuhyun? He was happily chewing on his pancake.


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