Runaway [1/2]

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Ahoj, jsem tady s dalším OneShotem! Tentokrát je anglicky. Omlouvám se všem fanouškům této bromance, kdo neumí anglicky, ale bohužel... :( Možná tuto povídku přeložím, jako zbytek mých povídek, ale chce to čas. Jak jsem již zmínila ve svém posledním článku, fan fikce na kpop už mě prostě nějak neberou. I přesto se budu snažit :)
Užijte si tuto povídku. Druhá část přiletí hned ;)
| OneShot | Anglické/English | Fanfics | Exo; Kris | Pairing: Chanyeol x Kris| By Carol |

Arguments. Listening to them all day long is tiring. Being in them is annoying. Sometimes, it's to the point, where people don't want to deal with anything anymore. Never again. Never with the same people. But what can one person do? They can't do much. If you live in a family, where arguing could be considered as daily basic, you wish not to be part of that kind of family. No matter how much you are trying to hide, in a small house or an apartment, you will be always found. Isn't it right? Your parents, siblings, friends.. They all know you and can find you. Why? Because you are close to them. Or at least were… Sometimes, this closeness just disappears, once you are old enough. Sometimes, it's just better not to get close with anyone because you will get hurt. People, you once trusted to, are acting differently towards you and others. It makes you wonder - was this everything just a fake? Who knows. Maybe it was or maybe it wasn't. No one can really tell. Only those people know why they changed. They probably have their own reasons. But with all these changes, you just can't bear it… But then again, it's just sometimes.
Park Chanyeol is a boy, who couldn't bear all this. His friends at school have changed. They are not like they were before and don't want to hang out with him anymore. There is one thing, however. He can't blame them. He understands why are they acting like this on one side. But shouldn't your friends be on your side whenever something bad happens? This thing, he finds it as a betray. Why is he left alone in this difficult situation? Ah yes… His family. It all started with his family. Chanyeol's parents started arguing two years ago. Why? There is always something. They can find so many reasons and excuses to argue. The truth is, though, both of them were cheating on each other. It could be solved quickly. Of course.
A divorce. Why can't they just get divorced? Because they can't… They don't want to. It's something, that makes their children hurt a lot.
It is so hard, that Chan has decided. He won't live like that, with this family anymore. He doesn't want to. All he needs to do is to run away. Somehow, he needs to get to his uncle. Everything is planned already and agreed. His uncle can't come to get him, however, because the bad relationship between him and the boy's father. It shouldn't be much of problem, right? The only problem is, he has no money. All he can do is hitch a car. He needs to stop someone and drive him to that town. The ride will take about two hours though. Will there be someone willing to take him? Well, there just must be someone. It can't be hard, it's like taking a taxi but more dangerous…
As planned, Chanyeol packs few of his things into his school bag. He can't take many, since it would give out, that something is happening with him. He must not let anyone know about what he wants to do, not even his sister. In the morning, he just behaves, just like he always does. Eats breakfast, says goodbye to his parents and sister, and then goes on the bus. He has a student ticket, so it will take him to the main train station. From there, it all depends on him.
He walks out of the station, he looks around, spotting a nice black car. Some guy is leaning against it. Anyone can tell, he is very well off. That's something, Chanyeol never had. The guy is tall, not much taller than him though. Anyone could say, they are in the same age, but different class. This guy must be very rich to afford this kind of car. Once Chan will earn money and becomes rich, which he will, this car is something, he really would like to buy. Simple but elegant. The boy smiles to himself and then starts walking, passing past the guy.
"Yes. Yes, I'm driving there soon. Come on, mother. It shouldn't be that hard. I know where my school is and I know how to get there. It's in Busan." The guy is on the phone, probably with his mother. When Chan hears the name of the city, he stops walking, seeing his chance. But he won't disturb the guy's call.
"You know, I didn't want to study here because there are many people like me here. Plus, everyone in this class knows me. I don't want to be recognized everywhere by the people like me. I want to be completely ordinary…" the guy continues talking.
Ordinary with this car? You wish… Chan thinks to himself, looking at the car. Only now, he realizes that the guy has different accent. It sounds like Chinese? He isn't sure but it could be it.
It doesn't take long and the call is over. This is the time for Chanyeol to turn around and ask about the ride, but when he does so, the guy is staring at him. The boy just stands there taken aback, with heart beating so fast, he can't calm it. He didn't think he would be stared at. Or at least not so quickly.
"Eh.. Hi…" he says awkwardly, licking his lips. "Sorry… I didn't want to listen to your conversation. I just heard you are driving to Busan and…" Chan rubs the back of his head, trying to explain this entire situation, however the guy is looking at him with an amused look on his face.
"You want a ride. Am I right?" he chuckles, tilting his head a bit, completing the sentence instead of Chanyeol.
"Yes." The boy nods his head timidly. Why does he feel suddenly intimidated by this guy? Is it because he is from a completely different class and probably has anything he wants, but Chan doesn't?
"Why would you want a ride from me, when you just walked out of the train station?" the guy asks, pointing at the station, genuinely curious. It doesn't really make sense to him and is kind of amusing.
"I don't have any money." The boy shrugs, looking at the building as well, catching a glimpse of a departing train. Probably to Busan. "Student tickets can be used only on way to school." He explains further, not actually really knowing why. But this fact won't kill, if he tells that someone.
"I see…" the guy nods his head, understanding this kind of view. Now it does make sense. Though, he doesn't need any student ticket since he always drives himself or has a personal driver to drive him somewhere. "But it won't be for free." He smirks, waiting for response of the boy. This could be very interesting.
"Like I said, I have no money on me… Or anywhere."
"Forget about money. I have enough of that. You will pay with something else…" the guy waves him off at the mention of money. Instead, he looks at Chan from head to toes, his smirking going even wider. He kinda took a liking to this guy. Tall just enough. Though, he prefers a little shorter guys, this one is cute. From time to time, when gets tired of women, he hangs out and spends nights with guys. Sometimes, it's really a very nice change. "What do you think?"
"If there is what you want…" the boy knows where this offer leads to. Watching the guy practically undressing him with his eyes. Of course, he does. Arguments at his home, started mostly because of this. Spending nights somewhere with someone. It makes him curious. What is it, that blinds his parents? He wants to know. It will take his innocence. But… Is he even still innocent?
"That's all I want." The guy nods his head, smiling contently. Actually, this helps him a lot. He was thinking about luring someone into bed tonight because finally he would be alone somewhere, where people don't know him. Finding this cutie here, however, makes him even happier.
"Deal." Chan simply nods.
"Get in." the guy states, still with smile on his face. Before both, him and the boy get into the car, he remembers something. "Oh, by the way. My name is Kris." How rude of him, where did his manners go?
"Chanyeol." Once again, the boy simply says, getting into the car.
"Nice to meet you, Chanyeol." Kris whispers to himself, not really caring that Chanyeol can't hear him anymore. It wasn't his intention anyway. He smirks to himself once again, getting into the car and driving to Busan.
The drive was incredibly quiet, however. It didn't seem like the boy next to him would like to talk about something. This made him to turn on the music, for the silence go away at least a little. I really hope, you won't be this quiet at night. That's what he prayed for. Perhaps, he would hear some delicious sounds and words coming from the boy's mouth. He would love to hear that. There was a plan forming in his head already. First, he could try and get Chan drunk a bit. It would be better to manipulate with him a bit. Things would be easier since those would come natural. It's the easiest way, how to lose a virginity. Just by a single glance, Kris could tell, that the guy next to him is still a virgin. And anyone knows, it's a honor to take someone's virginity. With their content, of course. There's no way, he would force someone.
His wish really came true. Delicious sounds and words indeed came from Chanyeol's mouth. He didn't think, however, that it will be the last thing, he would hear that night. Sweet words, delicious moans… That all was like a music to his ears. He wouldn't lie, he wanted to hear more of it. That's why, it wasn't only one round or two.. It was way more. He lost a count. The last thing he remembered was falling asleep with the boy in his arms. In a comfortable silence. No words needed to be said. Why? This all was just perfect. No one would complain. Perhaps, he was praying to fall asleep like this more. Perhaps, he would have a good sleep… Channy would surely like it as well, right? That's what he thought. He was so sure of it, that he forgot about other possibilities.
Early in the morning, when Kris wakes up. There is no one. He wakes up to an empty bed. All clothes and things that belonged to the boy disappeared. Not a trace of Chan. This is not what he was imagining. He was imagining lot of things but not waking up like this. At least, he wanted to meet the boy again. Not only once, twice or thrice. But more. Of course, he couldn't promise to be only with him, but this is too much. How could he wake up to an empty bed? That doesn't make sense at all. He expected the boy to beg him or something, to stay with him. Why does he feel like he should be the one begging right one? Like he should go and find the boy right now? He feels so very wrong. This just didn't ever happen in his life. Should he feel offended or what? But wait, maybe he is still somewhere, right?
Kris jumps up of his bed, running around his apartment, his parents bought in Busan. But Chanyeol is nowhere to be found. His shoes disappeared as well. There is not even a single note. Then again, why there would be a note? That doesn't make sense. A note? Tch… What is he thinking? Life isn't always what person predicts…
Chan was walking along the streets, he knew from childhood. Finally, something he knows again. This is exactly the street, which leads to his uncle's house. He is going to live there and study in one of local's schools. Then, he will go to a college and finds a job. This is his plan for the future. There won't be anything that would stop him, not even his parents. Last night… It gave him something and stole something from him. Kris showed him a way to a different world, which made a bit understand, why his parents are like that.

It's actually pretty much exciting to spend a night with someone, you barely know. But there is always something taken away. Innocence. Purity. Confidence. With confidence… It's kind of funny, it's taken away but at the same time given to you. There is something else given to you. A regret. A feeling that is eating you up and you just can't help it. Something in your chest which hurts. Regret. Guilt. That's the point with this all. Point taken. With new situation, there are new experiences. It's only on you, if you will learn from them or throw away chances that are given to you…
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