Runaway [2/2]

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Druhá část je tady :3
| OneShot | Anglické/English | Fanfics | Exo; Kris | Pairing: Chanyeol x Kris| By Carol |

Six years later
There are only few things, that can bring you on the peak of your dream. Hard work. Trust. Determination. Ambition. And so on. These things brought Chanyeol to that spot, where is he now. In age of 25 years old, he is good looking, has a stable job, after he successfully graduated from college, and became rich. He was always dreaming big, but never in his wildest dream, he would think that he will be right here. When he was nineteen years old, he even didn't actually know what he wanted to do. But today, he has his own company. Yes, at the beginning, he just started on his blog. A simple web site. That way his business got big. Well business. All he did was creating web sites. This kind of thing got him interested at school in IT class. He couldn't help but to try it home and found out, that he actually enjoys creating web sites and that he is very good at it. In one way, it really got big.
Right now, he is sitting in his office, frowned in papers. Of course, with success, there comes responsibility as well. Not just for his work, but for his employees as well. He needs to be respected boss among people. That takes lots of patience. At first, it was very difficult because many things had to be done. First employees needed to be hired and Chan had a hard time choosing right ones. He was always a type of person, that couldn't say no. Another thing, he had to learn… But now, everything is how it's supposed to be. Well, maybe not everything…
"They didn't do that… This is just a bad dream… No, nightmare…" Chanyeol groans to himself, reading over the papers. In his hands are very important documents right now. VERY important. Their biggest business partner is his client right now. This means, no mistake is acceptable. There is one big mistake, however. The order, the other company is waiting for, got completely switched. It is a very important and large order as well. Not just Chanyeol is very ashamed of this stupid mistake, because someone didn't pay close attention. But all his company will be in trouble. The biggest sponsor can stop taking Chanyeol seriously, which practically is the end of this road. Finish.
Chan runs hands through his hair, thinking how to clear up this mess. A sincere apology should do. He needs to set a date for formal business diner and explain everything what happened. The person, who created this mess won't come undamaged, however. He must make sure, this won't happen ever again. It's not only his hard work after all.
He takes his phone and calls the manager of the department, who has this all as a responsibility. If there was a mistake, it must have went through this man, which means two people are at fault. The manager should have noticed the mistake.
It doesn't take long, before there are heard voice from president's office.
"How is this possible Mr. Kim? Care to explain please?" Chanyeol starts speaking, after short greeting with the manager. There is no point of yelling or getting overly mad at someone, because this problem needs to be fixed. If there was added something else to it, the whole order would have to be postponed. Something, even president Park doesn't dare to do.
"I'm so sorry, sir… It's my mistake. It shouldn't have happened." The manager bows deeply, not even trying to make any excuses since it's his fault. If he was careful enough, he would send the project back to the person, who was working on it.
"Exactly. It shouldn't. How will you fix this?" Chan acknowledges, nodding his head. Well, at least the man accepts his mistake. Picking honest and good people was one of Chanyeol's priorities. He isn't a boy anymore and he needed the best of best. People who will take responsibilities for their mistakes.
"I will call to our partner and apologize for my and my junior's mistake." Mr. Kim immediately thinks of a solution, how to explain the misunderstanding and his mistake. A proper apology on his behalf should do.
"Well, we both think the same. At least. I will do it. I will call them and arrange proper diner, where I apologize in the name of the company." Chan nods his head again, talking to the man confidently. His employees take responsibilities for their mistakes. He takes responsibilities for their employees. That's how it works. "All you need to do is fix the problem as soon as possible. I'm not accepting any excuses, buts, no… I want to have it clear on my table in three days. Got it? I don't care if you and the employee will work overtime. That person is lucky enough, that I am busy right now. Make sure, it won't happen ever again." There must be a warning as well though. This can't happen again.
"Yes sir." The manager nods his head.
"You can leave now…" Chanyeol dismisses the man with motion of his hand, sighing and taking his phone in his hand again. He must work fast.
"Yes sir. Have a good day…" With the man leaving, Chan looks at him again with unbelievable expression. A good day? It really can't get better… Just at that moment, he dials the number, introducing himself and explaining the reasons of the call.
Thankfully, things went well with the call. Chanyeol did what he could and managed to arrange the formal diner, where he apologizes for the mistake of the company. That was something strange about it, however. He didn't think he would be accepted with the offer to diner so quickly, that soon. The diner should be today. It's not like he doesn't have time, but he sure was surprised how easy it was to get in touch with someone like that. The biggest surprise is, that the man who will he be apologizing to, is the president of the other company. It makes Chan wonder a lot. But there's not much time to think about unnecessary things, he needs to get ready.
Gathering his things from the office, the man walks out of his office and informs the secretary of his plans and to cancel everything for the night. First his stop is his home. He needs to take a quick shower and gets dressed. On the way to his home, he needs to make a reservation in a nice restaurant, he knows of and knows about it, that many people don't go there.
Doing everything just as he planned, Chanyeol arrives to the restaurant sooner on purpose because he wouldn't dare to let his guest wait for him. An important guest. He walks up to the waiter with a smile.
"Good evening… I have made a reservation here under name Park Chanyeol." He speaks formally, letting his gentle vibe do its work. No one would guess, this man grew up in a poor family or he was a runaway. He has changed. A lot. Since he ran away, no one has recognized him, no one came even looking for him. And he didn't care. Why should he get troubled with those people?
"Ah yes, Mr. Park. Let me guide you to your table." The waiter smiles, after he checks in the computer that the man has actually made a reservation. Motioning to follow him, the waiter leads Chanyeol to a table for two. Not in a private room, however, how he ordered. Perhaps, there was a mistake done? But Chan doesn't say anything, first he wants to know what's going on. Only then, he notices the man, sitting on a chair there. The man is sitting with his back facing them. Damn! Am I late?! That's the first thing, he thinks. He looks at the waiter with question in his eyes.
"Ah, Mr. Wu was here first and requested this table." The waiter explains, glancing towards the other man. "Is that a problem?"
"No, not at all. Thank you." Chanyeol bows to the waiter and goes towards the table immediately. "I'm sorry for being late, Mr. Wu." He apologizes quickly, bowing his head deeply, not looking at the man just yet. The next thing, he registers, the man stands up, bowing as well and reaching a hand up to him, possibly for a hand shake, which he accepts.
"No need to be sorry Mr. Park. I was his way sooner. I came directly from another business. I hope, it's not a problem." The man says, smiling at Chan.
"No, not at all." Finally, Chanyeol looks up. Right away, he is taken by shock. This… This isn't the man he met six years ago, right? It can't be possible.
"Is something wrong?" the man asks him.
"Ah no. Sit down please." Chan gives an awkward smile, suddenly feeling very nervous. Never in his wildest dreams, he thought, he would meet this man again. Of course, they are business partners. But when it comes to big businesses, it happens that you don't know the main person behind all of that. He feels like burying himself down.
On the other side, Mr. Wu… No, Kris. He isn't surprised at all. He was looking forward to his day for a long time. He knew all along, who this Park Chanyeol is. Who is behind the big company. And of course, there is a reason why he is the sponsor. However, he didn't think, that business with Chanyeol will go this well. At first, he helped out of pity, but it turned out to be a very successful partnership.
The truth is, six years ago, he needed to know why Chan ran away so quickly after the night. He needed answers to his unspoken questions. That's why he hired someone to find the boy. Through all these years, Kris got questions. He could say, he knows almost everything about the boy. At least, up until this business started. Chanyeol is someone, who secures his privacy. It's not easy to get something from him these days. His current life.
"I have already ordered a red wine. Is that okay?" Kris smiles, being very gentleman like. Chan knows the meaning behind the red wine though. It was something, they drank together that night. So they would be more in mood, at the thing that followed. Being here with the man, brought memories, which he forgot.
It's not even five minutes since he is here, but his mind is already somewhere else. The man looks more stunning than before. More mature, being an adult. But it's still him. Those gestured, that smile, the calmness. Everything is the same. What's the strangest thing? It doesn't make Chanyeol uncomfortable. Actually, he knows what to do in this situation now. Of course, sitting here with the man, who took his virginity is quite intimidating. Six years passed though and Chan knows already, what is this world about.
"It's not a problem at all." Channy answers the question with a smile now. It's not that awkward smile anymore.
"Great then. What did you want to talk about? I guess, it would be about our order."
"Yes. I want to apologize for what happened. It was out mistake, not checking the order properly. I'm so sorry, Mr. Wu." Chanyeol stands up, bowing deeply. Well, keeping this business like is actually very good.
"Well, mistakes do happen…" Kris nods his head, smiling softly but then changes to a straight face. "But, I want everything perfect, Mr. Park. Do you think a simple apology will fix this?"
"We are working on fixing this problem them now. Your order will be in as soon as possible." Chan explains about the order, sounding proud that he got it to work once again.
"What if I say it's too late?" Kris looks at him, tilting his head a bit. Waiting for the response, he is very curious, if the boy is still as responsive as six years ago. He missed him. A lot. He wouldn't lie about that. It's not that he loves him. That would be too fast. A crush? No, that's for kids. A secret admirer is for kids too. Let's just say, he is interested in this boy.
"Is it?" Chanyeol widens his eyes, shocked. His apology is not going to be received? Is this some kind of revenge or what? Because he sincerely doesn't get it. They are both adults now, their little one night stand could be forgotten by now. He, himself, did forget about it. Then why is he being punished for something that happened long ago and he did it because he was desperate of getting away from his home? He was a simple runaway back then.
"What if I offer something else?" Kris leans a bit forward in his chair, trying to think of something, that could actually fix this problem. The order, he was sure, it's going to be fixed. But he can't let anyone get away with a mistake like this. He is a neat man. A perfectionist, to be exact.
"What? My body again?" Chanyeol snaps, seeing the judging expression on Kris's face. He doesn't know what is going on in the man's head. But seeing this look on his face, makes him think only about that. It happened once, why can't it happen again, right? People don't have to change easily anyway.
"You disappeared." Just like a trigger, Kris grabs onto the topic. Finally, he can talk about that. He didn't want to bring that up. At least not today. He wanted to start all over again, but Chanyeol started this. He will go along. He still doesn't know the reason, why he left him just like that.
"You knew it was not my intention staying!" Chan says with a louder voice, throwing his arms. Right away, however, he realizes what he did and looks around, bowing to other costumers for the interruption. So that's why you picked this table… This way, we can't be loud… Finally, it hit him. This was a part of Wu Yifan's plan.
"No, I didn't. I had a bit of hope." Kris shakes his head. He didn't know anything about the boy, how could he know that? He got to know about Park Chanyeol only from the hired person. It took some time as well.
"Hope? What is hope? I had my life, you had yours. Just like now. Can we leave it that way?" Chan looks away, crossing arms on his chest. He doesn't feel like talking about it right now. He would only get a headache. That's something, he really doesn't want. Not right now. Not with him.
"What if I don't want?" Kris asks, crossing his arms as well, as if daring Chanyeol.
"What now? Are you going to sweet talk me?" the boy rolls his eyes, chuckling sarcastically.
"You know, I'm not that kind of man." Yifan sighs, shaking his head. He is not a man like this. How can he be romantic with a person, he doesn't love? He is a type that doesn't trust easily. Yet, he is risking his image right now with this guy. Man, how did he get into this position? That's a mystery…
"No, you are not. That's why I got startled." Chan actually sighs in relief. That is the last thing, he wants. Someone telling him, how he loves him and all this sweet love bullshit. It's not how it goes. Maybe, it's like this between teenagers. But not people like him. Adults. Perhaps, he is scared of getting hurt again. His feelings can get hurt easily after all.
"That doesn't mean, we can't try to work things out." Kris states matter of factly. He would really like to try. Just like said, he is interested in Chanyeol a lot. For a long time already. Of course, there were some relationships or one nightstands, through these six years. He is a man as well, after all and Mr. Hand doesn't really satisfy enough.
"Why should I?"
"Since that time… I didn't have a proper night sleep." The man licks his lips nervously. He wouldn't admit that. But when he is nervous, stressed, curious or just not rested, he can't sleep. It's hard for him to close eyes for more than half of an hour. Yes, it could be considered selfish. The only one he thought about, however, was the boy sitting of front of him. Then again, it's not a boy anymore. It is a grown up man. He is the same age as him. Channy is still as cute as then.
"Just what does that to do with me?" Chan groans, leaning back his head a bit, not believing his ears. Why in the world should he be interested in that? It's not his fault the man was thinking about him. "Can we just go back to our work?" he looks at Kris with pleading look.
"Give me a change, will ya?" Kris whines quietly, narrowing his brows slightly. Why is he not taken seriously? It can make him really mad.
"What chance?" Chan whines as well, asking.
"To make you mine."
"Don't make me laugh." The boy chuckles, shaking his head. If this a joke, then it's really good. Just where did it come from? To make him his? How is that supposed to happen? That just doesn't make sense. But it let him wonder, what would happen?
"I'm not trying to make you laugh." Kris says with a serious, straight face.
"What exactly are you imagining right now?" Chanyeol calms down, putting on a straight face as well. He doesn't know, he wants to see the end of this. It just makes him curious. Can the past be forgotten just like this? It's not that easy, is it?
"Can't we just be two people that met each other and get along well?" Kris asks, tilting his head again. He honestly thinks, it's very possible. It can be like this. Like they didn't meet in past whatsoever. Two complete strangers, that are only business partners.
"With our past?"
"Forget past. You forgot yours. Forget ours. It was just one night." He talking with determination. They can just erase that memory, right? It shouldn't be a big of problem.
Nothing can last forever. Regret. Guilt. Anger. Only memories do, but if you don't want to remember, you just don't remind yourself. With passing time, there are other opportunities and new chances. Memories, that are not stored in out dear memory are forgotten.
"Though, it was probably meaningful for both of us." Kris adds, looking at the boy. "So? Can I invite you to a date?"
"What? When?" Chanyeol widens his eyes, once again surprised. Is the man really asking him for a date right now? Who does this?!
"Right now."
"Here?" Once again, time to be shocked. This is just ridiculous, crazy and he totally likes it. He feels pretty much excited, to say the truth. There is some thrill put into his life now. Who knows? Maybe a relationship doesn't have to be that bad. He didn't have a proper relationship in these six years. One nightstands don't count, since those can't be considered as relationships…
"Yes. And then my house." Kris nods, smiling again. It looks like something in Chanyeol broke down and it makes him more open. This fact makes the man very happy. He is given a change only like this right now. He will do his best to keep that chance and not to disappoint Chan.
"You want the past to repeat?" the boy chuckles, raising his brows. This just goes so quickly, he can't seem to be more surprised. First, he is asked to be Kris's. Second, he is asked to be more than business partners. Third, he is asked for a date. And now, he is invited to Kris's house. This situation is turning out to be very interesting. But he can't find himself rejecting this offer. More likely, he is looking forward to that.
"I don't want to wake up to an empty bed." Kris clarifies, smiling sincerely. That's his wish. Not waking up to an empty bed. That's all he wished for. He was waiting for this moment for six years. It's a long time. But he wouldn't mind to wait six years more, if it's for Chanyeol. He wouldn't mind living his life like that. He is just way too interested in this runaway.


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